My name is Jeffrey Robertson. I worked for the Australian Government in the field of foreign policy and North Asia, focusing on China, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan. Now I write from the other side of the line - as an academic, consultant, and sometimes spy fiction ghost writer. On this website I share ideas, thoughts, research, analysis, academic updates and writing on the topics of diplomatic studies, foreign policy, and South Korea. Some images on the site are taken from the web, if they're yours and you don't want them on a personal site, let me know. Please contact me if you want to share or collaborate in any way.

Jean-Baptiste Isabey, "The Congress of Vienna" (Pen and ink with wash, 1815)


The day-to-day functioning of interstate relations occurs through diplomatic practitioners. Diplomatic studies brings together the study and practice of international relations, finding its strength in the variety of academic disciplines and backgrounds from which its research emerges. My interest lies in diplomatic practice, the interaction between diplomacy and foreign policy, and the evolution and futures of diplomacy.

Pablo Picasso, "Massacre in Korea" (Oil on Plywood, 1951)

Korean Peninsula

South Korea is a state, which struggled through war, post-war poverty, authoritarianism, and economic collapse. Today, it balances relations with North Korea, China, and the US, while it positions itself as a globally relevant middle-power. My interest lies in South Korea's relationships with bilateral and regional partners; and the historical evolution and contemporary nature of South Korea's foreign policy and diplomatic practice.

Book Cover "Un Americain bien tranquille" (Pavillons, 2003)

Foreign Policy

The analysis of foreign policy focuses on the processes, causes, effects, and results of foreign policy decision-making. Like diplomatic studies, foreign policy analysis includes both the study and practice of international relations, and finds its strength in the diversity of disciplines and backgrounds. My interest lies in foreign policy management and communication, foreign policy narratives, and the interaction between diplomacy and foreign policy.