About me

With twenty-five years in operational and analytical government roles, academia, and consultancy, I've built a degree of expertise supporting a specialization in diplomacy, foreign policy, public policy, and North Asia.

My primary focus is the social, economic, political, and strategic affairs of the Korean Peninsula and its region. Reflecting my background, I have undertaken contracts on subjects as diverse as regional oil storage facilities, the nuclear energy sector, political candidate profiles, and foreign ministry organizational culture.

Clients have included government (government and embassies in South Korea, Australia, US, UK, and Singapore), private/think-tank/NGO sectors (Incheon Development Institute, FKI, Hanil Scientific) and strategic studies and political risk services providers (Economist Intelligence Unit, the Financial Times Group, and Oxford Analytica).

Contact me

The North Asia region is entering a period of uncertainty with changes in social, economic, political, and strategic affairs that will impact the public and private sector. To avoid disruption to activities, you need to be able to assess risk. I can provide you capacity to make confident decisions. Contact me for further information.