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Welcome to graduate studies in Korea

Friday, February 12, 2016

Foreign students entering graduate study in South Korea in 2016 are getting an early welcome from North Korea. Normally, students must wait till mid-semester or holiday break before North Korea stages a welcome. All students in South Korea sooner or later go through the same welcome process that involves concerned calls from home; frantic Facebook posts from friends; and... inevitably the need to dole out assurances to parents.

This year, North Korea has started early and welcomed foreign graduate students at the very beginning of the year with nuclear test, ICBM test, and now declarations of war... Some foreign graduate students are yet to even leave home! 

To those new students concerned by the news: Most people in South Korea really don't care about the intermittent stage shows put on by North Korea. Everyone feels safe and secure - most people are more concerned about K-Pop than North Korea!

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