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Diplomatic Studies at ISA Atlanta

Monday, March 14, 2016

I am at the International Studies Association (ISA) 2016 Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Not only is Atlanta a real interesting and friendly place, the lineup for Diplomatic Studies is awesome and I'm so looking forward to listening to some great presentations.

In particular, two leading diplomatic scholars - Geoffrey Wiseman and Paul Sharp convened three panels on the subject of 'The Changing Practice of Frontline Diplomacy' - the panels look at how individuals or practitioners through their interaction on the frontline affect international relations. It includes papers on innovation, tradition, changes in consular diplomacy on the frontline, and much more.

The presenters are individuals who write and research at the cutting edge in the field, and I cant wait to hear their views. And... this is the first time I get to present at an ISA Annual Convention... so I can't wait! 

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