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Ideal diplomats - CfP ISA2020 (Honolulu, 25-28 March 2020)

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Ideal diplomats - Call for Papers

International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention 2020 (Honolulu, 25-28 March 2020)


What professional skills and personal qualities does the ideal diplomat require?


Thinking about who is the “ideal diplomat” has been a feature of diplomatic studies literature dating back to the earliest writings, with the most influential modern conceptualizations typified by the works of De Callieres, Satow, and Nicolson. Such works however, are today incredibly dated.


More modern conceptualizations of the ideal diplomat can be found in any number of recent texts, with many of them specifically recalling the qualities that a senior diplomat-scholar in a Western diplomatic service believed to be important during their tenure, or looking at the qualities aspiring diplomats should possess for entry into a specific diplomatic service. The concept of the ideal diplomat seems both outdated, and unnecessarily culturally myopic.


With a renewal of interest in the teaching of diplomacy; a growing interest in diplomatic human resources management; and the momentous social and technological changes impacting diplomatic practice; it may be time to once again ask the question – who is the ideal diplomat?


The panel invites papers on foreign ministry/multilateral agency human resources management; changing nature of diplomacy and diplomats; technology in diplomatic practice; national/regional styles in diplomatic practice; gender and diplomatic practice; and futures of diplomatic practice.


Chairs: Jeffrey Robertson (Yonsei University) and Li Li (China Foreign Affairs University)​

Discussant: TBD


Please send abstract proposals to jsrobertson@junotane.com by 20 May 2019. ​

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